Lamorinda Dems hear from Planned Parenthood Political Wing

The Lamorinda Democratic club hosted the political action wing of the Planned Parenthood organization in a presentation about the recent efforts against Planned Parenthood from the Republicans in Washington and elsewhere.  They characterized the attack as not just about abortion (which represents only 3% of their operations and receives no FEDERAL funds.) but as a major attack or a grab for control over women's reproductive rights including contraception. They detailed that in 26 states the Republicans have control over both houses of the state's legislature and that there were some 900 anti-women's reproduction rights bills introduced with about 33 passing.

There were some astounding numbers given out including the following:

1. One in Five women in America will eventually use Planned Parenthood
2. One in three women in America will have an aborting- this was a shock to many in the audience
3. They provided almost 11million services to people in the last year with the bulk being either preventive contraception (35%) or disease detection and prevention (about 30%).
4. There are 111 clinics in California
5. If they were shut down the % increase projected of teen pregnancies would increase by 30=35%
6. There are about 60% of the women going to PP using it as a primary care

In addition there was a discussion and display on the recent votes in Congress on cutting funding for Planned Parenthood with it indicated that it went down on party lines with 7 Republicans voting with the Dems and 10 Dems voting with the Republicans.
None of the Democrats that voted to against Planned Parenthood were in California.

It was also indicated that the recent effort by Gov. Daniels of Indiana to stop the Federal pass through funding of Planned Parenthood was being forcefully opposed by the Obama Administration as an illegal move, that a state cannot redirect or stop pass through funding by the Feds.

The question of whether the Republicans are going to push on Planned Parenthood again was discussed with it being felt that the kick back only strengthened the Planned Parenthood and they reached new donations levels not received before as well as over 800,000 signatures on a support petition.  The Republicans may be reconsidering the attack though they are being pushed by their far right religious and radical groups to wave the flag against Planned Parenthood.

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